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The Wind energy company of Morocco, a subsidiary of Nareva, will invest 4 billion Dirhams in a wind farm in Boujdour whose production will provide more electricity to the southern regions of the kingdom. Funding agreements have just been signed. The project to build a wind farm in Boujdour is taking shape. The Moroccan Energie éolienne du Maroc (EEM), a subsidiary of Nareva, where the SNI investment fund holds a stake, has just concluded the necessary agreements to finance its Aftissat project, located south of Boujdour. The latter, which is also labeled COP22, concerns the development of a wind farm with more than 200 MW of capacity and the construction of a 400 Kv power line over a 250 km linear line. This last line should make it possible to connect The Aftissat park at the ONEE station in Laâyoune.

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City: Boujdour