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The hassan tower

About The hassan tower

The Hassan Tower of Rabat is the emblem of the Moroccan capital. Its construction was ordered in 1196 by Sultan Yacoub el Mansour. Its goal was to build the largest mosque in the world after the Samarra mosque in Iraq. Its minaret was to culminate at 60 meters, but the work stopped at 40 meters, after the death of the sultan. Today, this unfinished tower enjoys a tourist reputation that goes beyond borders. At the esplanade of the Hassan Tower in Rabat is the Mohamed V mausoleum, where King Mohammed V and his two sons Moulay Abdallah (died December 20, 1983) and Hassan II (died July 30, 1999) are buried. The construction of this mausoleum required 10 years of work from 1961 to 1971. It is simply a pure architectural marvel with its pyramidal roof and white Italian marble. Visitors can reach the funerary chamber through a large staircase, watching from a sort of balcony the sarcophagus of King Mohammed V and the two tombs of his sons. Memorize the images in your heads well, because photos are prohibited.

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City: Rabat