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Moussem Zaouia of Assa

About Moussem Zaouia of Assa

This great gathering of the Saharawi tribes constitutes an annual event dedicated to the renewal of the Baiâa to the glorious Alawite Throne and to the confirmation of the unity of these tribes in defense of the sacred values ​​of the nation. The program also includes a conference on the life of the Prophet Sidna Mohammed, peace and blessing on him, as well as local craft stands to showcase the talents of the artisans of this region. According to the organizers, a sports event is also planned on the sidelines of the Moussem, through the 9th edition of the international road race Feu Rah Fdaili, as well as the presentation of a book that retraces the history of this city. This annual Moussem has become an unavoidable annual event and an occasion to contribute to the economic and social development of the city and to the promotion of the historical and natural potentialities of the Ksar of Assa.

Information Moussem Zaouia of Assa

City: Assa-Zag