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About Koutoubia

Without a doubt, the most important religious building of Marrakech. Why? First of all locally because Moroccans, very practitioners, turn to her several times a day during the call to prayer. Moreover, for tourists, the Koutoubia is often recommended to locate and orient itself in the city! Built in the 12th century under the orders of Sultan Abdelmoumen (Almoravid dynasty), the Koutoubia -signifying "The Mosque of the booksellers" - bears its name because of its former location was in the souk of the manuscript dealers! The religious building, built in a rather old style, consists of a large courtyard, a prayer room, the qibla wall (indicating the direction of prayer) and the minaret The call to prayer) reaching 77 meters in height! During the hours of prayer, do not be surprised to see the Moroccans suddenly stop their activities in progress to turn to the Koutoubia and practice their religious exercise. Visitors can not access the mosque, reserved for its faithful. Nevertheless, you can approach the latter to admire its Hispano-Moorish architecture.

Information Koutoubia

City: Marrakech