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Red seaweed


The Atlantic and in particular the Moroccan coasts are the cradles of a natural treasure; it’s a type of red gold.

This natural resource of red seaweed inspires joy every year during the 3 months of harvest among the inhabitants of the Atlantic coasts of Morocco, particularly in the region of the town of El Jadida, where there are thousands of young people and adults, both women and men, who wait for this period to ensure a decent daily life and provide for their families with this seasonal harvest.

This red gold is rich in proteins and mineral salts, they provide almost all of the amino acids essential to the body, making them an ideal health cocktail to balance the diet and make up for any deficiencies. After harvesting, the seaweed is then transformed into various products that can be used in different industrial fields, particularly agri-food, cosmetics, medicine and in other ways such as wastewater treatment.

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