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Pomegranate trees


The Sefri Pomegranate is a fruit of the family Punicaceae, scientific name Punica Granatum L. It is a variety with medium growth rate producing large fruit.

The Sefri pomegranate is a rounded fruit, slightly flattened, of large size (up to 900g), yellow to pink in colour at maturity, with a less thick pericarp (2 to 4 mm) that is smooth and shiny.

It is leathery, surmounted by the remains of a very resistant serrated calyx. One can distinguish pomegranates from early flowers which are larger and with a thicker and more colourful rind, from fruits of late flowers which are of medium size with a slightly thinner and less colourful rind.

The Sefri pomegranate  is characterised by its richness in juice. It has a very balanced sweet taste and its seeds generally melt in the mouth ensuring a pleasant experience.

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