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Argan oil


Argan nuts are used to extract a delicious oil of excellent nutritional quality. The production process is long and painful:  the pulp is removed from the fruits collected and dried in the sun.

The kernels that goats have eaten are also gathered - in the dry season, they climb in the foliage to eat the fruits and they pass through naturally!

The nuts’ oil is then extracted by crushing and roasting; after mixing with hot water, the oil floats up and is collected by a simple pressure method.

The low yield (about 2 litres of oil per 100kg of fruit) explains the high price of the product, made more expensive by the interest, in recent years, of the cosmetic industry.

Some producers organise themselves into cooperatives, like in Tamri, to secure their income and mechanise this manufacturing process. However, the majority of the industry is big business.

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