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Draa Tafilalet

Region: Draa Tafilalet

Innumerable adobe Kasbahs, arid mountains and plains, green valleys and oases, palm groves and villages of red or ochre earth make up the charm of this region and give it its tourist appeal, evoking both the southern foothills of the High Atlas and proximity to the desert.

The region is located in southern Morocco, south of the High Atlas. It is bordered to the south by the Algerian border, to the west by the Souss-Massa region, to the north by the regions of Marrakech-Safi, Beni Mellal-Khenifra and Fes-Meknes and to the east by L'Oriental Province.

The whole region has its surprises as it extends towards the south, starting with the desert which reveals its splendour and its uneven beauty, the spectacles, characteristics and cultural contexts of the region: Mountains with unique reddish shapes and colours, the oases, rivers, the forests of Tamaris and Acacia and the immense desert dunes, the largest and most vast of which are at Erg Chigaga.

One of the great traditions of the region is its own literary genre, the Malhoun, a poetic and musical genre born in this region before going on to flourish in the rest of Morocco.
In 1996, the remains of a previously unknown carnivorous dinosaur, Carcharodontosaurus saharicus, were discovered in the region.

Larger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex it measured fifteen meters in length and weighed around 8 tons. Another carnivore, also previously unknown, named Deltadromeus agilis, was discovered as well. Smaller, it measured 9 meters in length and weighed around 4 tons.