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road trip in and around tangiers

Road Trip In And Around Tangiers

With its temperate climate, its profusion of vegetation, its clear air and its 3 km long beach, Tangiers attracts thousands of tourists every year.
Tangiers has long served as an unofficial cultural capital for a number of writers and artists from all over the world. Would you like to discover Tangiers ?

  • The Kasbah Museum:

musee kasbah travel trip morocco office tourisme maroc

This nestles in the heart of the Kasbah of Tangiers, a city that enjoys many geostrategic advantages. Its location gives it the essential role of an interface between Africa and Europe, as well as between the two maritime areas of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean.

  • Café Hafa:

cafe hafa travel road trip morocco office tourisme maroc

This establishment was built in 1921, and concerned Moroccans ensured that this part of Morocco's history was safeguarded. Finally, the almost 100-year old cafe was classified as national heritage site in 2015. It is located along the cliff overlooking the bay of Tangiers.
Café Hafa has been visited by many writers and singers, from Paul Bowles and William S. Burroughs to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

  • Achakar Beach:

plage achakar road trip travel destination office tourisme maroc

The 8km journey from Tangiers passes through a sumptuous landscape of forests and hills. Achakar allows you to discover with family or friends the joys of the beach and water activities of all kinds.
Achakar is a beach where holidaymakers can swim safely. Police officers patrol the neighbourhood twice a day.

  • The Caves of Hercules:

grotte hercule travel road trip office tourisme maroc

The Caves of Hercules are located 14 kilometers from the White City. Astonishing and magnificent, this archaeological site is above all filled with mystery. The entrances to the caves look out towards the Atlantic and are flooded during high tides.
To this day, nobody knows how the caves were created and under what conditions.

  • Cape Spartel:

cap spartel road trip office tourisme maroc

Cape Spartel is a place that charms and attracts all those who love beautiful views. A lighthouse signals to the approaching boats that they will soon reach Africa.
Lovers come here to find tranquillity and romance, photographers find beautiful landscapes to immortalise and romantics find magnificent views to contemplate.

  • Perdicaris Park:

parc perdicaris road trip travel office tourisme maroc

Named after an American diplomat of Greek descent, Perdicaris Park captivates the visitor with its vegetation and the different species of birds that are to be found there.
It is the ideal place in Tangiers to recharge your batteries, spend time with your family, picnic, walk or play sports. The plants introduced here have made the site emblematic of Tangiers.

  • Asilah beach:

plage assilah road trip travel office tourisme maroc

The main beach is well-equipped with facilities and is much visited in summer by the local population. To the south however, the coast is irregular with rocks, reefs and cliffs and small stony beaches that are unpleasant for swimming.

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