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how to reach the village of akchour

How to reach the village of Akchour ?

Akchour is a natural wonder located on the road to Oued Laou in the village of Talambot located 33 kilometres from Chefchaouen, a landscape of white-water springs that flow throughout the year in a ma...

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organize your kite surfing trip to dakhla in 2019

Organise your kite surfing trip to Dakhla in 2019

Ideal destination for kitesurfing, Dakhla is the perfect spot to learn or improve. From the lagoon without any waves or currents to the shallow waters all along its breadth and onto...

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international tourist arrivals morocco

International tourist arrivals reach 11.35 million in Morocco

Nearly 4.31 million tourists visited Morocco between January and May 2019, an increase of 4.6% compared to the same period a year earlier (+4.5% for foreign tourists and +5% for Moroccans residing abr...

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best tourist attractions tangiers 2019

Best tourist attractions in Tangiers 2019

The Caves of Hercules: These are natural limestone caves dug by the sea which floods them at high tide. The Cave supposedly has remnants of the passage of Hercules - his footprints,...

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best tourist attractions agadir 2019

Best tourist attractions in Agadir 2019

The Beach of Agadir : Agadir's extensive 10km of beach is the ideal place to relax, enjoy the sun and enjoy the joys of the seaside with friends or family. On La Corniche and the Ou...

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top tourist attractions in marrakech 2019

Top tourist attractions in Marrakech 2019

The Secret Garden : The Secret Garden is made up of two very distinct parts, each of them being considered as a riad. Surrounded by high walls without windows, the riad, with a rect...

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