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10 beautiful spots for surfing in morocco

10 Beautiful Spots For Surfing In Morocco

  • Safi:

safi surf spot infos tourisme maroc afrique

Safi's perfect wave is no longer a secret. This wave was accidentally discovered in the 70's by a group of friends during their surfing trip in Morocco.
Since then, many surfers have come to surf its fast curls. This is not a wave for beginners, but there are many other surfing spots nearby, with easier waves, ideal for learning to surf and improving skills.
Safi's wave is one of the best in the world. This incredible straight is a bit like the twin sister of Supertubes at Jeffreys Bay but more regular, but even more of Kirra, on the Gold Coast, Australia.

  • Imsouane :

imsouane surf spot infos tourisme maroc afrique

There is not just one surf spot in Imsouane but two amazing surfing beaches: Cathedral and The Bay, offering one of the most incredible exposures of the north-west African coast, 60 min driving from Taghazout’s best surf spots.
Cathedral Point and The Bay, Imsouane’s main surfing beaches, are located on the southern side of Imsouane's two peninsulas which are north and south of town. 
It provides a coastline configuration worthy of a trip to Morocco: 2 small peninsulas within walking distance and a huge sheltered bay. Facing west, the reef peninsula & the point are made for the best swell Morocco can offer. 
In Morocco, winter swell tracks mostly north down to the south coast. It provides Cathedral Point Break - on the northern peninsula - with hollow powerful barrels and The Bay with long tubing waves on the southern peninsula.
This perfect configuration – offering good protected point and reef breaks in winter as well as catching smaller summer swells - is probably what makes Imsouane one of the best surf spots in Morocco.

  • Taghazout :

taghazout spot surf infos tourisme maroc afrique

This is the obligatory rite of passage for surfing enthusiasts who have been meeting there since 1970. Taghazout is blessed with some of the most perfect right hand breaks the world has to offer. Hash Point offers an easy right-hander for surfers new to rocky breaks.
There’s also Anchor Point, the “Holy Grail” of Morocco’s right-hand long curling surf breaks. The easy beach breaks of Crocs, Roches Diables and Panoramas are all within 5 mins drive.
For the real die-hards there is the twenty-minute paddle out to contend with the fast barrelling Killers! There are so many point breaks, beach breaks and secret spots in this short stretch of coast that every surfer will find a wave that is perfect for their level of surfing Morocco.

  • Dakhla :

taghazout spot surf infos tourisme maroc afrique

Dakhla offers exceptional conditions for surfing and free-riding during the winter season - swell from October to March - and flatter water with a constant wind the rest of the year, perfect for free-style. Beginners will appreciate the ideal side-off wind and the shallow flat water on the lagoon side, an ideal place to learn and progress. Higher-level enthusiasts have opportunities on the ocean.


  • EL Jadida:

el jadida surf spot infos tourisme maroc afrique

El Jadida, a new tourist destination? Yes. Certainly, the city offers everything that a traveller who wants to meet an authentic part of Morocco will want.
But it must be said that there is another asset - surfing. In El Jadida, there are 3 spots: --
 Deauville Beach which is located at the entrance of the city coming from Casablanca.There is wind protection for the waves because of the breakwater but it needs decent NW swell because the bay faces North. 
Then Haouzia Beach, a 12 km long beach with a multitude of peaks. That's the place to go when Deauville is flat.
Lastly, Sidi Bouzid: Shore breaks, fast waves, so not for beginners. Depending on the swell, you can also surf on the point, but beware reef break.

  • Essaouira :

essaouira surf spot infos tourisme maroc afrique

Sidi Kaouki is a small typical Moroccan village, south of Essaouira. In front of the large main beach is a small square with two surf-shops, some small restaurants/snacks and nearby donkey and camel rides.
This spot is not necessarily the most interesting. It has a pretty powerful shore break with a strong current.
It’s better to go a few hundred meters north to find quality waves but it’s not easy to find the ideal spot. It’s best if someone shows you. Once there, it’s quiet and uncrowded.

  • Kenitra :

kenitra surf spot infos tourisme maroc

Mehdia is the beach of Kenitra and one of the liveliest places in the area where families and children will play and spend the day. Surfers and bodyboarders from all over the world know this place because it has very good waves suitable for all levels throughout the year.
There are different main locations - Moune, Chlihat and Sharatan and each requires certain conditions. There are many locals present but they’re friendly and welcoming. 

  • Dar Bouazza :

dar bouazza spot surf infos tourisme maroc afrique

Dar Bouazza beach is world famous for surfing. Many surfing professionals have used the waves rolling in from the Atlantic onto this beach. 
Dar Bouazza is integrated into the circuits of major international competitions. The waves, which are often strong, have favoured the development of surfing or windsurfing.
Within a few years, this beach has become a very popular destination for Europeans. The north-easterly trade winds blow along the Moroccan coast from the end of March to mid-September.
It was in Dar Bouazza where the first surfing championships of Morocco took place in 1993. Dar-Bouazza has its own surf school, Glisse School.
Created a decade ago by local youths, it teaches the art of riding the waves to nearly 50 people a day during the summer.

  • Oualidia :

oualidia spot surf afrique infos tourisme maroc

This former fishing village has a superb beach and reef break with lefts and rights and a wonderful lagoon. It is nicknamed "the blue pearl of Morocco".
It has a beach of fine pale sand protected by a rocky bay which then extends into a lagoon.

  • Mirleft :

mirleft spot surf afrique infos tourisme maroc

The Mirleft shoreline is one of those little lost corners that surfers jealously guard. Beach break and point break are there practically all year round on the beaches of Sidi El Ouafi, Tamahroucht, Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah or Sidi Ifni but the best surf spots are in hard-to-access creeks.

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