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The Souk Of Tangiers


Tangiers the upmarket, Tangiers the white, Tangiers the international, the different designations that have tried in vain to describe just part of the beauty and charm of this beautiful coastal city in northern Morocco.

Tangiers is full of places to visit, places to discover, cafes, restaurants, everything you need to create a rich and varied stay.

When you say Morocco, you say Medina, souk and crafts, Tangiers is no exception to this rule.

Discover the souks of Tangiers and dive into the authentic soul of the city.

Your visit will start at the Grand Socco, a vast square full of cafés, street vendors, women of the Rif with their multicoloured clothes and big hats, craftsmen's shops, in short, a whole mix of smells and colours.

Cross the large arcade and you will find yourself in the heart of the medina of Tangiers. Once inside the medina, let yourself be guided by your footsteps.

The more you plunge into the heart of the souks, the narrower and more mysterious the alleys become.

Continue your walk until you reach a small alley that climbs up a staircase called the alley of Sidi Hosni or the alley of the couturiers.

There, don't forget to take a picture of the men winding threads of all colours. Then go up along Amrah to the door of the Kasbah and there will be a complete change of scenery.

Snake charmers, storytellers and musicians will give you a moment worthy of the tale of a thousand and one nights.

And icing on the cake, by crossing the small door of the Kasbah (the door of Sidi Bouknadel), you will have under your eyes a panoramic sight of great beauty, which will take you as far as Spain.

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