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The Craft Market


Leaving the Taourirt Kasbah, tourists will find themselves in the heart of the town's craft market. At this souk, the Ouarzazate craft centre offers many local objects: pottery, stone objects, textile or leather products (bags, slippers, etc.) as well as spices.
The flagship product of the city is carpets. Made by the Uzguita tribe, they sometimes bear their name or that of the Jebel Siroua.
If you are lucky enough to enter a weaving workshop, you can attend an individual presentation of the different models that can be purchased.
The wives of the craftsmen will certainly suggest that you make a purchase over a cup of mint tea, combining business with pleasure but isn't that the purpose of the visit? Don’t think Moroccans will be offended if you don’t buy their products, it’s a negotiation and Moroccans know how to do that better than anyone.

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