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The Chellah


Considered the most romantic place in the country, the Chellah necropolis is a place filled with mystery, ideal for exploration.

It is located on the site of the ancient Roman city of Sala Colonia, 2km southeast of the city centre.

Long used as a cemetery for Moroccan sovereigns, this ancient place with its lush vegetation offers a splendid view of the Bouregreg River.

Inside the site, which has become a haunt for storks and other animals, there are tombs, a pond and a multicoloured minaret.

Outside the city limits, the remains of this necropolis were left abandoned for a long time. Today, the site is listed and protected by the Moroccan authorities who have recognised the historical and tourist interest of this place like no other.

It will take you roughly an hour for a visit. In the evening, the necropolis takes on its most beautiful colours and it becomes easier to understand why it inspires so many mysteries and legends.

How to get there: From the Great Mosque, take Avenue Yacoub el Mansour to the south-east. It is better though to get there by car or taxi.

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