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Caves Of Hercules


Legend has it that Hercules came to rest in this cave in Tangiers.

It is a cave with a narrow entrance, dark and damp inside and where the light has only one way in, through a magnificent fissure overlooking the ocean. Whether myth or reality this is another story.

If you are passing through Tangiers take the time to go there, to walk in the footsteps of Hercules, to venture inside this cave that is hostile at first sight but simply beautiful once inside.

The cave is located under a large rock that now houses cafes and restaurants. It has jealously guarded Hercules' footsteps - his footprints, his tracks, his bowl and all the traces of his passing.

Once inside the cave, nothing is better than a photograph in front of the opening overlooking the ocean to immortalise the moment, as it has to be said that it is not every day that one follows the footsteps of Hercules.

If you come here, whether or not you believe what the legend says, a visit to the cave of Hercules is really worth the detour.

Craft shops at the exit of the cave offer many souvenirs, so that you can take a piece of the legend with you.

Who knows? Maybe Hercules will bring you luck!

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