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Cap Spartel


Cape Spartel is a place that charms and attracts all those who love beautiful views.

Lovers come here to find tranquillity and romance, photographers find beautiful landscapes to immortalise, romantics find magnificent views to contemplate.

Cap Spartel, also called Ras Spartel, is located 14 kilometres west of Tangiers on the same road that leads to the caves of Hercules.

This mythical place shelters a lighthouse dating from October 15, 1864, which gives a plus to this place which is not lacking in charm already.

It is at the precise spot where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet and you will never find such a site anywhere else.

This place is just unique anywhere in the world.

As soon as you enter the Cape, you will see many parked cars, groups of young people and many families settled on the shore. A festive atmosphere reigns here in both summer and winter.

The lighthouse of Cape Spartel is still active, but is closed to the public no doubt to preserve it. It can only be viewed from afar and its inaccessibility gives it a kind of mystery.
Sit in one of the cafes overlooking the Cape and sip a glass of mint tea, contemplating this magnificent view.

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