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best tourist attractions tangiers 2019

Best tourist attractions in Tangiers 2019

The Caves of Hercules: These are natural limestone caves dug by the sea which floods them at high tide. The Cave supposedly has remnants of the passage of Hercules - his footprints,...

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these are the 20 cleanest beaches in morocco in 2019

These are the 20 cleanest beaches in Morocco in 2019

The Blue Flag is a label with a strong touristic connotation, a symbol of exemplary environmental quality. That year, 21 beaches met the demanding criteria of this international label selected by the...

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places that have to be visited tangiers morocco

8 places that have to be visited in Tangiers

Tangiers is a business and touristic city of Morocco, 45 minutes by boat over the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain and close to Ceuta, a small Spanish enclave. Tangiers was in the past a cultural capit...

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road trip in and around tangiers

Road trip in and around Tangiers

With its temperate climate, its profusion of vegetation, its clear air and its 3 km long beach, Tangiers attracts thousands of tourists every year. Tangiers has long served as an unofficial cultural...

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list oldest moroccan museums must to visit

A list of the oldest Moroccan museums that are a must to visit

The Archaeological Museum of Rabat: The history of the museum's collections began in 1915 with the launch of a series of archaeological excavations under the French Protectorate at t...

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tangiers most trendy city in the world

Tangiers, the 2nd most trendy city in the World

Tangiers has been ranked as the 2nd most trendy city in the world by the famous travel guide publisher Lonely Planet. The capital of the Strait came in second place thanks to its artistic community, d...

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