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Moulay Yacoub


Want to discover Moulay Yacoub? There are a thousand and one ways to do so. Known for its spa, a jewel of the kingdom, it attracts more visitors than ever, year on year.

Moulay Yacoub is a natural hammam for open-air baths, it's out of this world.

Moulay Yacoub is a spa town located in the hills in north-central Morocco, 20km northwest of the city of Fez with a population of 10,000.

Moulay Yacoub offers a thermal spa with natural hot springs of water at 54°C, coming from a depth of 1500 meters and with a neutral PH.

It has a sulphurous and salty water that you wouldn't believe, rich in magnesium and therefore with therapeutic virtues that are said to relieve skin diseases, rheumatism and gynaecological problems. A thermal spa was opened in 1993 next to the traditional thermal site which is still in operation.

The resort offers a nationally and internationally renowned service with medical teams, modern equipment and employees. A spa is also there for fitness, aesthetic and relaxation treatments (massage, slimming, beauty and reflexotherapy).

Not only that, you need to see its beautiful medina, the souks and a fascinating landscape composed of plains, plateaus and mountains.

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