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about Khénifra

Want to discover Khénifra? There are a thousand ways to do it. Majestic landscapes, preserved traditions and a welcoming population, Khénifra has a lot of potential for the development of green, rural and adventure tourism. It is considered a privileged destination of ecological tourism thanks to its beautiful reddish mountains, its lakes and its majestic forest of cedars.
Khénifra is a medieval city located in the center of Morocco, with reddish colors, built on both banks of the Oum Errabiâ and the Dir between in the western part of the Middle Atlas, located at 160 km from Fez and 300 km from Marrakech with a population of 300 000 inhabitants.
The history of Khénifra originates from two historical monuments, the only ones still partially existing and classified as national heritage: The Kasbah of Mouha or Hammou Zayani, the Casula of Oulaidi, the famous bridge on the Oum Errabiaa called "Portuguese", and the Kasbah of Adekhssal which is an old fortress and a piece of the history of the region.
The region of Khenifra has always been considered as the great water reserve of Morocco thanks to two of the most important rivers of Morocco that originate there, in particular Oum Errabiaa and its tributaries Chtouka.
The outskirts of this city conceals the most attractive tourist sites of the Middle Atlas, including the sources of the Oum Errabiaa, Lake Aguelmame Aziza, Lake Tiguelmamine, Lake Ouiouane, Aguelmame N'Miaami, Lake Aguelmame Abakhane, Tanafnit El Borj reservoir, Ajdir Izayane.


Region: Beni Mellal Khenifra
Pictures of the city Khénifra