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about Youssoufia

Want to discover Youssoufia? There are a thousand ways to do it. The ancient city, well known in the kingdom, the ramparts of the enclosed city that encircles the ancient city of "Medina" and which was built by the Portuguese, the castle of the sea, the Portuguese cathedral, the citadel Dar Essoltan, Agouz fortress, mosque Of Sidi Chiker and the mosque of Sidi Dahmane is what forms this historic city that will make get lost in the past.
Youssoufia is a Moroccan city, located in the center-west of Morocco, 60 km from Benguéris, East of Safi, 100 km from Marrakech and 230 km south of Casablanca with a population of 80 000. Lovers of nature, green tourism or mountains, do not hesitate to stay on the borders of Lake Zima , The cave Goraani and Ayir characterized by rock carvings and debris of pottery dating back to the Neolithic. You will be able to see The Royal Reserve of Gazelles, It is a biological reserve of M ' Sabih T Alaa, is one of the oldest reserves of terrestrial fauna in Morocco. Douar Laassasla, its inhabitants known by their rural brotherhood, raise a breed of endangered dogs: the slougui, greyhound for hunting and racing.
The mosque and mausoleum Sidi Chiker is one of the oldest monuments in the Safi region, built by one of the companions of Okba Bnu Nafi al-Fihri in the first century of the Hegira.
It is also known for its natural phosphate richness, which is ranked second in Morocco after Khouribga, which helps the Kingdom be the world's largest exporter and third largest producer of phosphate.


Region: Marrakech Safi
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