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about Tinghir

Want to discover Tinghir? There are a thousand ways to do it. Tinghir is a charming town known for its magnificent palm groves and famous Todra caves, it is built on floors around a promontory dominated by the ruins of an ancient house of the Glaoui.
Tinghir is a town in eastern Morocco, in the Souss-Massa-Drâa region, located in the Todgha valley, at the end of the High Atlas and facing the Saghro mountain, then ends in the great plain connecting the Ouarzazate region Tafilalet at about twenty kilometers until the wadi Ferkla. Its name comes from the Tamazight Tinghir, the place (tin) of the mountain (ighir, shoulder or crest).
It is populated by 40,000 inhabitants. The 30 kilometer palm grove, dotted with small castles and Kasbahs, extends from one side of the city to the other.
Walks are offered to tourists, who want to discover the whole community organization, in terms of work in the fields as well as water distribution. At 15 km from the center of Tinghir, Todra caves, high limestone cliffs carved by the wadi Todra for a millennia, with their spectacular peak plunging down to the riverbed.
Tinghir is proud of its impressive caves in the Todra valley. These are very frequented by foreign tourists, touring in the South East; But also by nationals. It is a privileged place for climbers for their walls up to 300 meters. These walls are very well equipped, but many are still virgin.


Region: Draa Tafilalet
Pictures of the city Tinghir