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about Taroudant

Taroudant is ideally located between the sea and the mountain. Untouched by mass tourism, Taroudant seems to be mistaken for what Marrakech was like 20 years ago. It is also called "La Petite Marrakech". You will find its ramparts of fortification, its medina, its kasbah, its local crafts (tannery, souk, etc.) and its impregnable view on the Atlas and the anti-Atlas.
Very popular for its mountain hunt, Taroudant is the cradle of one of the most beautiful and most mythical hotels in Morocco: La Gazelle d'Or.
An exclusive destination reserved for researchers of authenticity and calm, it is not uncommon to find there many personalities who come to seek a little serenity. Contact with the population is very warm and it is extremely rare to be bothered by it.
Finding the right local addresses will require a little agility and contact with the local population, which as you will discover very quickly, is very welcoming! Do not hesitate to test and venture, you will not be disappointed, Taroudant in an adventure!


Region: Souss Massa
Pictures of the city Taroudant