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Sidi Kacem

about Sidi Kacem

Want to discover Sidi Kacem? There are a thousand ways to do it. Located at the place where the River Rdom leaves the heights of the Meknes to enter the great and fertile land of Gharb region, this city gives you a desire for a warm bath in the summer without forgetting the splendid landscape that it overflows.
This town owes its name to Kacem, the son of Moulay Idriss, the founder of Fes in the VIII th century. The origin of this person, as well as the life of a saint that he brought to this place, which gave this city a considerable importance, as people still visit his tomb.
For three centuries, a great Moussem was celebrated on the day of the Onçora on the 24th of June of the Julian year. Sidi Kacem is a medium-sized city in the North-West of Morocco (Meknes (45 km) - Tangier (210 km) - Fez (85 km) - Rabat (120 km) routes), with a population of 80 000, it has real assets for sustainable growth and development.
Its economy is based mainly on agricultural activities (the useful agricultural area covers 75% of it, endowed with fertile land among the best of the kingdom, with immense water resources).
Through its potential, it is a province that offers choices for investments. The city is a collection center for cereals produced in the hills to the east and north producing citrus fruits, olive oil, cotton, beets and rice.
The city has two important Souks where you can shop. Later you will see the tomb of a Muslim Saint who deserved to be called Sidi ("saint") who has attracted pilgrims to him for four centuries. His tomb became the religious center of the Guich tribe of the Cherardas who arrived much later in the region.


Region: Rabat Sale Kenitra
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