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Sidi Ifni

about Sidi Ifni

Would you like to discover Sidi Ifni? There are a thousand ways to do it. Between the sea, the mountain and the great desert of the south, Sidi Ifni is built on a rocky plateau, overlooking the Atlantic. Its beach, stretching for miles of fine sand, lined with transparent water, it is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, and the surfers will be satisfied with its waves.
It is also the ideal place to sunbathe, take a siesta in the sun or simply refresh yourself after a long visit to the city center. Previously a former Spanish enclave, It is the ideal starting point for a hike or a bivouac to discover the surrounding Berber villages. It is today a tourist town of Morocco located on the Atlantic Ocean on the southern Atlantic coast of Morocco, between the cities of Tiznit and Guelmim, 160 km south of Agadir.
By its situation, Sidi Ifni can be considered "the Atlantic door of the Sahara". The main activity of Ifni is that of its harbor is fishing, capturing especially sardines, soles, sea breams, casseroles, tunas. Tourism is also booming in this city with important assets.
It is located close to many beaches with seductive shores, such as Legzira, Mirleft, Sidi Ouarzig or the White Beach that attract surfers in the summer and lovers of sweetness in winter.
Also, it retains its historical assets and has one of the most beautiful natural sites of Morocco. From the beach of El Gzira, we reach 4 arches dug by the ocean, an unforgettable stroll.


Region: Guelmim Oued Noun
Pictures of the city Sidi Ifni