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Sidi Bennour

about Sidi Bennour

Want to discover Sidi Bennour? There are a thousand ways to do it. A province unlike any other, Sidi Bennour is home to a seaside resort that has a very important tourist potential and is an attractive space able to take in a large mass of national and international tourists. Sidi Bennour is a town in Morocco located in the region of Casablanca-Setat, it is located 70 km from the province of El Jadida and bordered by it in the north, and the province of Safi in the south, Which is home to the city of Oualidia, which is worth one of the most beautiful beaches in the kingdom, with a population of 50,000. It has a seaside resort located 75 km south of El Jadida, unique by the incredible diversity of its landscapes and by the great specialty of oysters, the best in the world, and it continues to attract several hundred fishing enthusiasts.
Besides its beautiful beaches, Sidi Bennour is well ranked in the agricultural and breeding field. The town of SIDI BENNOUR is considered nowadays as the capital of the DOUKKALA with regards to its livestocks and agricultural production as it is the number one supplier of EL JADIDA, MARRAKECH, CASABLANCA, and AGADIR when it comes to vegetables and meat.
Not to mention its importance as a center of sugar production because as it has the largest sugar factory in the kingdom to which the ZEMAMRA unit has just been annexed. The city also has the largest traditional Market in Morocco "souk Tlat Sidi Bennour" which is held every Tuesday, there are all types of meats, and vegetables and fruits.
This city is also famous for its festivities which are animated by the chikhats, the abidat-rma , FATNA bent lhoussin, Faisal, OULD khallouk, Stati as well as the actor ABDELLATIF HILAL who worked in this region as a teacher.


Region: Casablanca Settat
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