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about Settat

Want to discover Settat? There are a thousand ways to do it. One can argue that it is not in Agadir or Marrakech's league, but it keeps a place for a green tourism of quality. Its tourism resources are limited, but this sector is expanding rapidly. It has many potentiales such as: abundant water points, the Al Massira dam which has a capacity of 2.8 billion m3, and forest area which is also a very important tourism attraction.
With its 178,000 ha of forests, several tourist activities can be launched. It is located in the geographical and historical area of ​​Chaouia, 57 km from Casablanca, on the road to Marrakech, with a population of 250 000 inhabitants.
This city also has several historical sites including the Kasbahs which makes it a historic city and also dunes of undisputed importance, as a study of the LPEE showed that the existence of these dunes makes it possible to prevent sea water from entering the groundwater.
As for urban tourism, you will see the huge golf course located in the province of Settat and its beach are still preserved from mass tourism which is a great advantage for green tourists and those seeking to discover the true Moroccan identity.


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