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Moulay Yacoub

about Moulay Yacoub

Want to discover Moulay Yacoub? There are a thousand ways to do it. This city is known by its natural spa, a wonder of the kingdom, it attracts more visitors than expected per year. Moulay Yacoub is a natural Hammam for open-air baths, it's just crazy. Moulay Yacoub is a spa town located in the hills in north-central Morocco, located 20 km northwest of the city of Fez with a population of 10 000 inhabitants.
Moulay Yacoub offers a spa with natural hot springs at 54°C, from a depth of 1500 meters and neutral PH. It is a sulfur and salty sea water, rich with magnesium, which is a therapeutic virtue that relieves skin diseases, rheumatism and gynecological problems, it is tempting don’t you think? A spa was inaugurated in 1993 next to the traditional site that still operates.
The resort offers a nationally renowned service (medical teams, modern equipment, employees) as well as internationally.
The spa is also used for health care, fitness, aesthetics and relaxation (massage, slimming treatments, esthetics and reflexo-therapy).
Moulay Yacoubis not exclusive to this marvelous Spa, you can also visit its beautiful Medina, Souks as well as great landscapes consisting of plains, plateaus and mountains.


Region: Fes Meknes
Pictures of the city Moulay Yacoub