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about Larache

Want to discover Larache? There are a thousand ways to do it. Portuguese documents from the 15th century mention Larache as the major port of Morocco. Nearby are the ruins of Lixus, a Carthaginian and Roman port, on the other bank of the Lukos River.
At the end of the Middle Ages, Larache was founded as a result of the Arab conquest. Larache is a Moroccan city, known by the ancient name of Lixus. Established in 1985, it is a part of the administrative region of Tangier-Tétouan with a population of 472 386 inhabitants.
Limited to the West by the Atlantic Ocean, this small town is full of magnificent beaches under a radiant sun. It is modernizing at a fast pace just about 86 kilometers from Tangier. It has two beaches delimited by a jetty: one with waves that extends very far, and the other, closer to the arm of the sea, more calm, perfect for swimming, located on the other bank of the river, and it is Accessible either by foot (300 m from the central square) or by boat, or by car or bus going around the river (10 km).
The liveliest place is located around the central square or Plaza de la Libera (ex: plaza de Espana) in an Arab-Andalusian style, lined with many terraced cafes.
In this square, the “Bab d’el Medina” gate delimits one of the entrances into the old Medina. Inside the old Medina: you can find Souk Esseghir (Small Souk), where the vegetable market permanently installed. In the center, Andalusian architecture is often present, the central market has been covered recently and renovated (200 m from the central square).
A mountainous area which constitutes the western prolongation of the Rifaine chain, offers a mild climate and gives a magnificent view for the lovers of nature without forgetting the marvelous hills surrounding a low and swampy plain. The province's hydrographic network includes the Oued Loukkos and its tributaries, the R'mel aquifer, three lakes, as well as numerous water sources. Other forests of pines, eucalyptus or cork oaks are near Larache.


Region: Tanger Tetouan Al Hoceïma
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