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about Khouribga

Want to discover Khouribga? There are a thousand ways to do it. Considered the most important phosphate production area in the world, the Khénifra region is not limited to this, it also possesses almost all the assets of a tourist destination such as lakes, Mountains and its forests.
This vital sector has not been developed since the independence despite the potential of the city. Khouribga is a Moroccan town located 120 km southeast of Casablanca. Bordered by the cities of Beni Mellal and Fquih Ben Salah to the south and by the city of Settat to the west, Khouribga was founded by The French settlers in the 1920s.
This mining town is not only limited to the exploitation of phosphate, it is also known by its cultural activities such as the organization of festivals and cultural and artistic days. The OCP Group has started a wave of hiking tourism, outdoor activities, visits and animations of the rural heritage and integrated scientific tourism known as "Mine Verte", which in 2014 took place over more than 300 ha, with media library, cafeteria and auditorium.
An amusement park and an environmental park will then be built, as well as a set of recreational, sporting, real estate and hotel facilities, all integrated into a tourist circuit, including the Khouribga Mine Museum.
These three tourism sectors contribute to the protection of the environment and provide equitable spin-offs for local populations to improve their well-being.


Region: Beni Mellal Khenifra
Pictures of the city Khouribga