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about Kenitra

Want to discover Kenitra? There are a thousand ways to do it. Being the economic capital of the western region, Kénitra is considered today as one of the main Moroccan cities and often cited as the agricultural capital of Morocco. The history of this city goes back to the Phoenician era, the era of construction, back when it welcomed the Romans and was then called Thamusida, and at the time, there was a maritime counter and a river port on the Sebou (current river that crosses Kenitra). Kénitra is a town in northeastern Morocco, formerly called Port-Lyautey under the French protectorate, located at about 40 kilometers north of Rabat, the administrative capital. The city cranks as the fourth industrial city of the Kingdom with a population of 431 282 inhabitants. Morocco is often the destination for foreigners, because of its culture, nature, seaside and history. For those passionate about cultural and historical sites, do not go far, the site of Mahdia with its historic Kasbah will charm you, and the historic site of Thamusida (ancient Roman settlement) will mesmerize you. The Kasbah of Kenitra resembles all the ancient citadels of the Sultans of Morocco. It presents itself as a large square of a hundred meters, marked with towers at the four corners and in the middle of each side, casting itself as a fortress.
Without forgetting nature lovers, green tourists will surely enjoy the forest of Mamora and the lake of Sidi Boughaba, and finally, for the nautical activities you will go to the shores of the Atlantic, its beach of fine sand, Its nautical activities linked to the strong Atlantic swell, famous well-preserved beaches await you there. The port of Kenitra on the Sebou is the first and only Moroccan river port.
Kénitra will also host the Atlantic Free Zone, the largest free trade zone on the African continent (345 ha). Like the entire Moroccan north coast, over the past five years, the city has benefited from Plan Azur and the various developments in forces aimed at improving and organizing tourist areas, highlighting the cultural and natural heritage of the northern region, and raising awareness among the population and visitors.


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