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about Ifrane

Want to discover Ifrane? There are a thousand ways to do it. The province of Ifrane nicknamed small Switzerland has enormous tourist potential: varieties and diversities of landscapes, lakes and streams as well as a climate more lenient.
Its natural resources make it a tourist hub of choice for hiking, hunting wild boar and its lakes are essential for fishing. The Ifrane National Park is home to the largest cedar forest in the world. Ifrane is a city with 155,000 inhabitants and located in the Middle Atlas, at 1,713 meters above sea level.
The human presence in the area dates back to the Neolithic period as evidenced by caves such as Tizguite and archaeological remains dating back to 50,000 years ago.
Ifrane is characterized by its European Urbanism. Located in the mountains of the Middle Atlas, it is an oasis of freshness and superb greenery: lakes, fountains, the scenery is totally surprising and regenerating for the lovers of landscapes. You feel the freshness once you arrive to Ifrane. Water sources and lakes abound in this region in the heart of a forest of cedars. The chalets with the sloping roof reminds you of Switzerland.
The source Vittel and its waterfalls constitute an ideal walk. Walk along the river for a few hundred meters and discover the maple and poplar forests that flow down the waters of the spring. In summer, small horseback rides are offered to reach the waterfalls. Its natural resources have led the regional authorities to create a national park of 53,000 ha.
Ifrane is the most frequented Moroccan summer resort. It is also a pastoral region and has an experimental station for the study of animal behavior.


Region: Fes Meknes
Pictures of the city Ifrane