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about Figuig

Want to discover Figuig? There are a thousand ways to do it. This very historic city is known everywhere because it still keeps its ancestral traces of construction, it consists of seven Ksours. Figuig has distinguished itself and ranks among the cities that have preserved their historical heritage, knowing that these days these constructions are rare.
The entire city is considered as a national heritage with its Ksarien aspect. The city-palm plantation is nestled in a circle of small mountains that form a kind of flower corolla all around it in the extreme east of Morocco at the junction between the high uplands and the north of the Sahara, Some 368 km south of Oujda and 7 km from the Algerian town of Beni Ounif with a population of 12,516.
The city is full of beautiful landscapes, a magnificent sight just like Sawmaa Hajaria, this monument is located in the Ksar of Loudaghir, it was beaten in the 6th century Hegira with a height of 19 m.
It has a square base and 5 m off of its base it begins to to take an octagonal shape. And last but not least, Ksar Zenaga, it is the biggest and the most beautiful of all the Ksour of Figuig, it covers half of the city. In the vicinity, one can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view embracing at the same time the fortress, the palm grove and the mountain of Zenaga at the bottom.


Region: The Oriental
Pictures of the city Figuig