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El Jadida

about El Jadida

Want to discover El-Jadida? There are a thousand ways to live it. Known for its remarkable "Portuguese city" which is a UNESCO heritage site, the fortifications of the Portuguese city with their bastions and battlements are an example of Portuguese Renaissance military architecture. The Portuguese buildings that are still visible are the Portuguese cistern, the fortress of Mazagan and the Church of the Assumption which was built in the Manueline style.
Located at 96 km from Casablanca with a growing population of 214 000 inhabitants, it is one of the developing cities in the tourist field which attracts more and more local and foreign visitors thanks to its geographical location on the ocean.
El Jadida is the present name (since 1815) of the ancient Mazagão (Mazagan), a fortified city built by the Portuguese at the beginning of the 16th century, which was taken over by the Moroccans in 1769. The Portuguese built this fortified city with five bastions in the beginning.
Only four remain today. This vast underground vaulted room was part of the castle. It was used as a weapons room before being used as a water reserve. The beautiful, pleasant and safe beaches on the south and north coasts of El Jadida make it a seasonal tourist destination, and its best beaches according to the locals are the beach of Sidi-Bouzid and Haouzia.
The city of El Jadida has two ports that make it oriented towards the horizon. The port of El Jadida in the city center is reserved for fishing, pleasure boats and water sports and the port of Jorf Lasfar, 17 km south of the city, which is the first mineral port in Africa. Open to international trade since 1982, the port of Jorf Lasfar considered as one of the pillars of the port infrastructure of Morocco.


Region: Casablanca Settat
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