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about Ceuta

A Spanish touch on the Moroccan territory is what the city of Ceuta reserves for you. This city, which was named the "gateway to Europe", as well as Tangier and Tetouan, has long been the reason for a long Spanish-Moroccan conflict. It was finally won by Spain, although it is on Moroccan lands.
Ceuta the half-breed, is a half-Maghreb half-European city and that is what makes all its charm. When you walk around it, you hear a mixture of Moroccan dialect and Spanish dialect, languages ​​melt, religions co-exist and this gives the most beautiful mixes: a mixture called Ceuta. The city has so much to offer its visitors thanks to its diverse Roman, Christian, Latin and Muslim origins. Each of its civilizations has left its mark making Ceuta a true ethnic and religious patchwork. Many tourists come to Ceuta for shopping, one finds everything and at prices that defies all competition. But to limit Ceuta to shopping and bargains would not do her justice, because it has so many other assets.
Tour operators are increasingly turning to Ceuta, and nowadays there are many attractive travel packages: scuba diving in Ceuta, cultural stay, discovering Ceuta and its coastline, cruising in Ceuta, and so on.
But even if you prefer to go on an adventure without a pre-established program, you will certainly not be bored in Ceuta. You will have a wealth of activities and a ton of places to discover.


Region: Tanger Tetouan Al Hoceïma
Pictures of the city Ceuta