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about Assa-Zag

Want to discover Assa-Zag? There are a thousand ways to do it. This city represents a huge part of the heritage of the kingdom with its cultural richness, mesmerizing landscapes and archaeological diversity. The oases form ecological and biological reserves, which are strengthened through the elaboration and implementation of the communal development plans.
The province of Assa-Zag is a predominantly rural subdivision of the Moroccan region, a small town in the South of Morocco, 100 km southeast of Guelmim, and 80 km southwest of Foum Zguid.
It has a population of 60,000 today. It is known for its oases by mountain tourists and especially by archaeologists who have several sites including: Aayoun Ighamane, the track is impressive by its extensive landscape and the rocky mountains that surrounds it.
Aouinat Lahna, an old track of the Paris - Dakar Rally currently tarred. One can discover a very impressive pre-Saharan research station founded by Jean-Bertrand Panouse. The Moussem Zaouia of Assa is a meeting not to be missed.
People come from all over Morocco, as well as members of the Ait Oussa tribe whom are living abroad. Cultural and religious activities sometimes take place together like the tradition of the Moussem that coincides with the celebration of the prophet Mohamed’s birthday.
The Ahouach dance, hassania poetry and Amazigh music form the main artistic genres during the Mousem in which the rites and customs of the population can be discovered.


Region: Guelmim Oued Noun
Pictures of the city Assa-Zag