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about Asilah

Asilah or "Azayla", as the locals call it, is a beautiful small town in northern Morocco, located just 40 km from Tangier. This small town, although less touristy than Tangier, refuses to live in the shadow of its neighbor and has built an identity and a name that attracts tourists from all over the world.
Asilah is the flagship destination of hippies and cool “Babas”, it is an artist’s city and a city of artists.
The exterior of the Medina houses the everyday Asilah with its markets, shops, administrations, schools and shops, but inside it is an entirely different spirit.
As soon as one crosses the great door of the Medina, drawings on the walls attract your attention, pure masterpieces signed by artists from here and elsewhere.
The more you go, the more you immerse yourself in the authentic world of Asilah, with its little white houses, artisan shops, the smell of traditional dishes that comes from the windows of houses and restaurants.
Follow the footsteps of wanderers and tourists, until arriving at the Coraça, also called “Borj al-Bhar”, where you will be offered a magnificent view of the Atlantic.
A group of “Gnawa” will animate the atmosphere on request for only a few Dirhams. One thing is sure, Asilah, this authentic little town will charm you.


Region: Tanger Tetouan Al Hoceïma
Pictures of the city Asilah