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about Nador

Want to discover Nador? There are a thousand ways to do it. Nador is an very famous ancient city and through its historical monuments you can witness the succession of several civilizations like Amazigh, Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman. This region is currently experiencing strong economic growth. The city of Nador is the second banking center of Morocco just after Casablanca, this is explained by the large number of M.R.E. (Moroccan Residents Abroad).
Nador is a Mediterranean city in northeastern Morocco located in the Rif region, with an estimated population of 127,387, and it is located at 75 km from Algeria (east).
Nador and its suburbs represent the largest economic zone in northeastern Morocco. Its international airport, Nador Aroui, is the largest in the region, now surpassing Oujda airport in terms of traffic. In addition, the resort of Mar Chica (under construction) is planned to be the largest in Morocco. Nador has many large beach resorts with its beautiful and attractive beaches and that’s not all, and it is expected with the Marchica project to become the “Nice” of Morocco, this project to develop the lagoon of Marchica too Close to the city of Nador will completely transform the landscape of this region.
This lagoon, which is 25 km long and has a surface area of ​​4 000 ha, is intended to become a seaside resort consisting of a set of seven zones housing each of the residential complexes, hotels, sports and leisure facilities, as well as spaces for economic and social activities. In terms of infrastructure, it has one international airport, sixth in the country, one port (passengers, goods and industrial imports), the second largest in the country, five traveling stations, industrial zones and roads.
The city is the most industrialized zone outside of Casablanca-Kénitra and Tangier with forty factories, including a Swiss cement plant (Holcim). The city has experienced a spectacular decline in its informal economy thanks to the numerous projects in the city (port Nador West Med, project Marchica), besides, it has the greatest rate of economic growth of the kingdom.


Region: The Oriental
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