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about Chichaoua

Want to discover Chichaoua? There are a thousand ways to do it. A mountainous town with a welcoming landscape, it has a vast, yellowish-sand beach for tourists of the green desert. The town of Chichaoua has a strong tourist potential, thanks to its natural and landscaped assets, thus making it a tourist destination.
The city of Chichaoua is bordered by the city of Essaouira to the West, the Province of AL Haouz and the prefecture of Marrakech Menara in the East, Province of Youssoufia in the North and Province of Taroudante in the South.
Its privileged geographical position constitutes an obligatory passage towards the South of the Kingdom and towards Essaouira and Safi (west), Chichaoua is an agricultural city of Morocco, with approximately 20 000 inhabitants and it is located in the Moroccan countryside, between Marrakech and Essaouira not to forget that at the end of the plain, appear the first beautiful Argan trees.
The city produces several models of handcrafted items like carpets and lanterns that are specific elements of home decoration. Various shapes take on different colors under the hands of craftsmen.
In the province of Chichaoua, on the national road, which leads from Marrakech to Essaouira, the sellers are numerous on the roadside. Picturesque estates, exotic and attractive products.


Region: Marrakech Safi
Pictures of the city Chichaoua